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The Ropotamo reserve is spread on 1000 hectares along the two banks of the Ropotamo River which is about 50 km long. The river is not very big and its beauty comes from the marvelous dense forest and the beautiful water lilies. The virgin dense forest is striking with its beauty. In its upper course the river is fresh-watered, but some kilometers down it turns to a salt-water. The Ropotamo River banks are very picturesque. In the upper-course of the river they are steep and terrace-like, covered with vegetation under which solitary rocks show. Lavska glava (The Lion's Head)is the most unique stone shape amongst them.
Elms, sycamores, ash-trees and other kinds of trees entwine their branches and bend over the calm river waters. Plants are creeping up the trees, giving the illusion of a rain forest.
The river runs wide in its down-course and forms huge green meadows and impassable bogs overgrown with reed and water lilies.
The closer you come to the sea, the thicker the vegetation becomes. Soon the most beautiful part of the river reveals itself the firth, surrounded by forests, green hills and sand dunes.
The Ropotamo River is rich in fish - chub, goby, carp, barbell and others. Rare birds, wild-boars, deer and roes inhabit the park.

Ropotamo reserve includes some smaller reserves: Vodni lilii (The Water Lilies), Zmiiski ostrov (The Snakes Island), Arkoutino and Morski pelin ( The Sea Wormwood).
Several kinds of preserved cactus grow on the territory of the Zmiiski ostrov. There are also plenty of birds and snakes there. The Zmiiski ostrov is about 10 decares big and is well-known for its cactuses where birds go nesting.
The island is also known under the name of St. Thomas, and once there was a chapel dedicated to St. Thomas on the island. According to the legend there was a pirate treasure buried on the island. That is why the island has been thoroughly dug by treasure-hunters but it seems that there is nothing left here except the snakes.
The Arkoutino reserve is a marsh-lagoon where white water lilies, rush and reed grow.
The Morski pelin reserve is famous for the sea-wormwood that grow here and is widely used in pharmacy.
The Vodni Lillii reserve is spread over an area of about 14 hectares and includes a part of the old bed of the Ropotamo river. The road to The Veliov vir marsh passes under a shady tunnel formed by trees and climbing plants. You can hardly take your eyes off the georgeous white and yellow water-lillies that grow here.
The Ropotamo reserve reveals to you a unique and preserved virgin nature which you can never forget. The flora and the fauna of the reserve include rare and endangered species, which make it a world significant nature reserve.
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